Privacy Policy

We collect some information from the user side like user name, E mail ID, contact details, address and etc. It is primarily done to maintain authenticity and trust between both the parties involved and. Though we do not disclose any user information to the third party still we save the relevant information in our database for future references. We may also sometime submit the information to the external agencies and regulatory bodies if they require.

We are also free to contact the users of this site to retrieve their suggestions about improving the overall customer experience & services we offer. We may also contact the users of this site to send the occasional Newsletter, promotional mails and advertising campaigns.

Users may however modify or view their personal information from the website. If they desire so, they can also contact the concerned person over the phone or E mail and ask them to modify his/her registered account details.

The owners of this website, in order to protect it from illegal use run various programs from time to time to ensure high credibility among its users and safeguard it from misuse. In case the users of the website discover or explore any privacy infringement, the company holds full right to take adequate action towards such misconduct. Super Dryer holds full right to make changes in its privacy policy from time to time; hence users of the site are requested to check its policy section often.