Warranty Policy

Thank you for choosing Super Dryer Products. 

Super Dryer product is manufactured with state of art technology. This will offer valuable hands on experience for cloth drying & will offer a reliable support. If however, for some reason you need any assistance or help – please let us know, we shall be happy to resolve your issue at the earliest. Assuring you & your family our best pipe lined home solutions

The product is warranted against defects arising from the faulty design, workmanship & materials for the period of 12 Months from the date of installation or date of sales whichever is earlier subject to following conditions.

1. Customer will notify the company in writing e-mail- info@superdryer.in or hard copy promptly of any defects noticed & give the company or its authorized agent enough opportunity to inspect, test, remedy them for which the customer will deposit the goods If so required by the company, with company's office / service center along with the original invoice, in the city where they are sold.

2. The inspection of the company's office / service center will be final & binding under warranty for determining defects, repairs / alternations required OR carried out OR certifying working of the goods thereafter.

3. The company or its authorized agent will be entitled to retain any defective part replaced under the warranty

4. The Company's liability under this warranty shall be limited only to defect in the goods which occurs under the condition are normal operation the goods & their proper prescribed use

5. Product will not be covered under warranty if damaged due to any natural calamity (flood, earth quake etc), incorrect use, disaster due to road accident, cylinder explosion, theft.

6. Company's liability under this warranty shall be valid only if goods are dully installed by the company or its authorized agent at the location specified in the invoice & such installation under taken by the company or its authorized agent

7. Consumable atoms wear & tear are not covered by this warranty

8. If during such servicing it is necessary for company to replace OR repair defective components or parts, which are not covered under warranty, the customer shall require to pay for the same as per the companies prevailing price list.

9. All the transactions subject to jurisdiction of Pune, Maharashtra